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fire safety features


Fire Safety

Eastern Suburbs Shire

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fire safety features


Did you know that a regular fire safety check of your Eastern Suburbs home or workplace could save your life?

Every year in Australia fires often start from faulty appliances, damaged cords, or heaters being left on.

And every winter we hear the same advice about smoke alarms saving lives.

However most of us think our homes and offices are safe and that these types of accidents only happen to others. We install, test and maintain 240 volt smoke alarms.


To really ensure your property is as safe as possible, it's well worth calling in the fire safety experts servicing the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

We will send around one of our experienced and fully licensed electricians to go through your property and identify potential fire hazards. Like frayed power cords and heaters in dangerous places.

We will also check that you have adequate smoke alarms and that they are in working order.

Getting a fire safety expert to your Eastern Suburbs property is easy if you call us. We will get in and do the checklist as quickly as possible leaving you to sleep more soundly knowing your home or workplace is as safe as possible.


And because we are a family owned and run business, you can be 100% sure we really care about you and your family's safety. We know how important family is and we want to make sure nobody has to suffer from such a tragedy. We want to ensure that fire safety checks in Eastern Suburbs properties become the norm because whenever we hear about a fatal house fire we can't help but think that it could have been avoided with a simple safety audit.


Don't wait until it's too late. For the best fire safety audits in the Eastern Suburbs call us on 9758 0009 or book an appointment online by completing the above form.