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Kitchens Eastern Suburbs

Kitchen Services

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For quality kitchen electrics in the Eastern Suburbs,
call in the best.

From experience, we know that if you want to have one of the best functioning kitchens in the Eastern Suburbs, calling us in is the first step.

Kitchens in the Eastern Suburbs are our expertise.


Owner Paul Anslow has been in the trade for over 30 years and with his wife Veronica has built a solid reputation for quality electrical work at a fair price.

We work with the very best tradesmen and manufacturers to create kitchens in the Eastern Suburbs that work for our valued clients well into the future.


With a background in all things electrical, Paul and Veronica can give you essential advice on lighting and wiring - you'll just love what they come up with.

When you first start thinking about renovating your kitchen, power point placement and lights can often be overlooked until the last minute.

And yet they really are quite essential to the function and feel of any room.

That's why we recommend you ask us to check things out first.

We have been to too many kitchens in the Eastern Suburbs to add more lights and power points after the kitchen is complete which is why we suggest you call us first - it could save you money and time in the long run.


To ensure you have one of the best looking and functioning kitchens in the Eastern Suburbs call us on 1300 846 221 or complete the above form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.